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Whether you’re serious bodybuilder, a professional athlete or you’re just wanting to improve muscle mass, the most popular form of testosterone is probably Testosterone Enanthate.
It’s a great boost for building muscle and strength and with the added benefit that it helps you lose Fat. What’s more there’s an abundant supply and the price should fit any pocket.

The scientific explanation for why Testosterone Enanthate works so well is quite simple really. In your body, hormones that are secreted by one cell have an impact on another. Your body’s natural testosterone supplies come from the Leydigs cells of the testicles, if you’re a man. Testosterone has huge effect on the body and mind, it can induce changes in shape and weight as well as governing sex drive and self-confidence.

Even though the adult male produces just 2.5 to 11mgs of testosterone per day the drug has a huge impact on numerous areas. It increases erythropoiesis (red blood cell production) in your kidneys, and can give you a higher Red Blood Cell (RBC) count. This can help endurance and recovery, ideal for during and after strenuous workouts.

Testosterone is also great at protecting muscles that are already there, as it sends a message to your muscle cells telling them to store more protein, which protects the size of your muscles.

The popular “bogeyman” attitude towards testosterone is that it forces men to be an aggressive and arrogant and while it’s true that excessive testosterone will result in a short temper and inflated sense of self-worth, it’s hardly a Frankenstein substance.

Testosterone Enanthate has a great many benefits even on its own but, has even better results should it be used as part of a cycle containing other drugs.
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If you’re bulking up I’d suggest Deca or Eq (possibly with Dbol as well), while if you are cutting I’d recommend Eq or maybe Trenbolone.

Most bodybuilders who use testosterone Enanthate will shoot it once or twice a week but be warned that blood levels will still likely be above baseline with this drug up to and including day eight.

The simple fact is that the higher the dose the higher the effect, but a good guideline for the dosage of testosterone Enanthate is that it should be no less than (and sometimes more than) any other injectable drug portion on a 1 mg basis. You can get away with less but I believe this is a sensible guide.
You don’t have to be truly greedy with this drug. Recent test have showed that the majority of subjects made a 50% and over gain in lean body mass from 20 weeks of 600 mg per week use of testosterone Enanthate.

If you think that’s impressive check out the fat loss. The same group, in the same study using the same dosage (that’s 600 mg per week) had the most fat-free mass and muscle volume gain, more than any of the low dosages tested.

Taking six milligrams per week as a yardstick we can consider the side-effects. Overall in the group HDL cholesterol was lowered (but not total cholesterol or triglyceride levels), and two subjects suffered outbreaks of acne. The usual horror stories about baldness, prostate enlargement and violent outbursts seem to be just that; “stories”. While such side-effects have been known to occur, they can be managed very effectively with Aromatase Inhibitors (Arimidex and Letroaole, for example) in just small doses of over a gram per week.