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Dianabol Cycle

The old reliable” Dianabol cycle is hard to beat for those looking for a good performance enhancing cycle. Dianabol was one of the first anabolic steroids (it’s been around for over 50 years) and was created, simply for the purpose of performance enhancement.

Dianabol is vastly popular in the ranks of competitive bodybuilding and power lifting. That’s not very surprising as it was designed for Olympic strength athletes and enjoyed a “top of the pops” status throughout the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. Dianabol is a doubly good steroid as it is great for pilling on mass and increasing strength at a good pace.

In many circles Anadrol is considered the premier oral steroid for size and strength, but for my money it doesn’t compare to the Dianabol cycle. Anadrol is a quality steroid (don’t get me wrong), but on a milligram for milligram basis Dianabol delivers more strength and power.

Off-Season Dianabol Cycle:

Most people use Dianabol in their off-season mode; meaning when they are trying to grow larger and become stronger. In your off-season Dianabol cycle you have two main areas to work on, kick starting and plateau busting.

Kick Starting:

Dianabol is a great drug for beginning a stacked cycle, as you’re likely to see gains quickly. The average Kick Start Dianabol cycle lasts 6 weeks, but 4 weeks is generally considered the minimum and 8 weeks the maximum.

Plateau Busting:

With most types of training (not just body building) an athlete will make great gains and then “level out”. When you find yourself stuck at one level, you’ve reached a Plateau and need something to help you break through. The frustrating plateau for a body builder usually hits at the 8-10 week mark when your body begins to adapt to the regime and you need to mix things up. A Dianabol cycle can be really helpful if you’re stuck on a plateau. A Dianabol cycle is so effective as a Plateau Buster that you will rarely need to go past 6 weeks, and 4 weeks is often enough.

A Dianabol cycle can be quite toxic to the liver, therefore I recommended using supplements like Liv52 or Milk Thistle throughout the cycle and keep the cycle short and brief to maintain optimal liver health.

Cutting Dianabol Cycle:

For some reason there is a myth doing the rounds that Dianabol makes you fat. It’s not true, although the Methandrostenolone hormone can cause a lot of water retention. But water retention is not fat, it’s simply excess water. But, if water retention is a worry for you (it will be more pronounced in some) you can add a decent aromatase inhibitor, which will address the problem.

First and foremost increasing size and strength is what steroids were designed for, and are their primary function. Dianabol like many steroids can also serve a secondary purpose. For example during dieting, a Dianabol cycle can help maintain strength, which is a problem for many during dieting.

What’s more like most anabolic hormones Dianabol will consolidate your lean tissue. There is one caveat that I would add before we close the book on Dianabol and dieting. By all DIANABOL CYCLE means use a Dianabol Cycle when on a diet, but plan to come off it towards the end of your diet. The simple reason is that might hold onto some unwanted water, and therefore weight due to the high aromatase factor.

With that one quibble aside, the Dianabol cycle gets the job done; what’s more it’s reasonably priced and widely available.