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Anavar, also referred to as oxandrolone is without a doubt a favorite for many athletes. It is well known for its anabolic charcteristics. It brings about the accumulation of a lot of strength and hardens the physical physique of the user. One limitation of Anavar is that it is expensive to produce and thus can only be afforded by few. It is also produced by fewer manufacturers as it does not move as quickly as other steroids in the market. Anavar does not have many side effects and is merely toxic though it is an oral steroid. If you expect to gain a lot of wait by consuming Anavar, you should look somewhere else. Anavar does not help one to gain a lot of weight.

It has a stronger effect in terms of enabling one to get good looking muscles and a ripped physique. In order to enjoy the effects of Anavar, one has to take relatively large dosages if it is to be taken alone. Consuming even doses of averagely 80 mg/day would not bring about many side effects. For athletes looking to maintain their bodyweight while still ading on some muscle, Anavar would be the best steroid of choice. It is also idea for precontest bodybuilding prepartion. It takes some time for Anavar to disappear from the system from the last time one consumes it. Most people have reported an average of 6 months before it is completely out of the system.

Buy Anavar UK

Clinically, Anavar is used to combat AIDS related complications such as rapid loss of weight and also in victims who have suffered from burns. Many precontest female figures prefer to use Anavar as it does not bring about a lot of virilization and is quite mildly androgenic and highly anabolic. It is rare to find men reporting side effects after taking Anavar. Side effects of consuming this steroid are more common in females who complain of temporarily enlarged clitoris (referred to as “var-clit”). Considering that Anavar is an oral version of a modified DHT, it has ideally modified to enable it to pass through the first stage of metabolism through the liver easily. The side effects of liver toxicity in most of the other steroids are very rare when it comes to Anavar.

Buy Anavar UK

Additionally, it is good to note that since Anavar is a derivative of DHT, it is incapable of structurally converting to estrogen. This means that sensitive users to gynecomastia and water retention need not to worry about these problems when consuming Anavar. A disadvantage, however, of Anavar is that it usually has profound effects on both visceral and abdominal fat elimination in regard to the fact that many use it as a precontest steroid or in a cutting cycle.

This property of Anavar has its up too. It makes this steroid very ideal for individuals who love staying in weight classes, those interested in bodybuilding contests and even those who are just looking to look good on the beach.