Bullion Pharma Overkill Tren/Methyltrieolone

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Manufacturer: Bullion Pharma
50mg Trenbolone Base & 2.5mg Methyl Tren (Methyltrieolone) Per 1ml
This is next level development
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OVERKILL (pre-workout)
50mg Tren Base
2.5mg Methyl Tren
Per 1ml.

Ester-less compounds are always tricky to work with, they require a whole different approach to regular estered hormones, and this was certainly no exception.

It’s taken a LOT of trial and error to get this one right, playing around with dosages, a whole new blend of carrier oils, even down to controlling the rate at which the product cools, to ensure stability.

But we’ve never been a “yeah, that’ll do…” type of lab. The finer details are what give us our edge.

We then had a number of regular customers trial and review this product, every single one reported PBs, increased endurance and performance enhancement beyond their normal physical capability.

What is this product for?

Sure, everyone “kills” their workouts on a daily basis, we all know that.

This is for those different workouts, for when simply “killing it” isn’t good enough…

This is Overkill.